15 New Year's Resolution Ideas You Should Do Now

15 ideas for you who are thinking about your new year's resolution

I don't really like New Year's Resolutions because what you are doing is pushing on a goal you made up because it's a new year. But if you have any thoughts about a new year's resolution I recommend to start now (not in January), start small and start build consistency.

For example, I have now been training every day since 18th November 2018 and I'm going for 1000 days in a row. Why? I have always trained a lot, but I wasn't just out for the training itself, I also wanted to challenge myself and build some form of discipline. Which, for most of us, is the most important part of the training.

But enough about me let's dive into the ideas.

1. Start daily training

Here's a thing I did. I started a thing I called "daily training✔️" on my social media, which became something to hold me accountable if I felt like not training on a given day. I don't suggest you do the same, but what I suggest instead for someone who hasn't started to train yet, but wants to is to:

Do NOT go to the gym because it will take to much time and you probably won't be able to find that amount of time which often is around 1hr to 2hrs to get there, train, shower and then get back.

Do your training in the morning because it's a bigger chance you get it done. Most of us have so many things going on in our lives but in the morning we often got time to get 5 to 20 minutes of training done.

Do a minimum training schedule. In other words a plan for your training which in the beginning is so little that you will be ashamed if you don't do it. As they say: "put the bar so low that you even can't crawl under it".

Here's a good example of a minimum training schedule: I should at least do 3 different exercises with 10 repetitions every day. (that's my schedule.)

2. Minimize unhealthy food and drinks

We don't need to have a soda for every meal. We don't have to drink wine or beer in the afternoon. We don't have to eat snacks during the week. I know I stepped on many toes there, but so many people who could make a big difference in their lives if they minimized unhealthy stuff.

A lot of people have even got into intermittent fasting which has shown to have a lot of health benefits if done right (really check into it before trying anything.)

3. Start your side hustle

If you have any goals that will involve earning some extra cash and doing something you really like. Then try to do that for 2 hrs/day starting today. You could make a big difference in your life with a side hustle. Not just for extra income but also for your happiness.

4. Start having daily goals

A good way of working toward your goals is to start setting daily goals. You can set out them by yourself and get help doing it with our tool: The Do List.

5. Start doing a daily reflection

This is something that has brought value to me after I got shit done. I just look back on what happened during the day, what went well and what I can improve tomorrow.

You don't have to spend more than 3 minutes on this and especially if you use tools like our book which helps you do daily reflection in the evening.  Check out The Do list and read about the reflection part.

6. Start to meet new people.

This can be networking, joining groups/forums or just talk a bit longer with people you meet. One of the things that brought me a lot of value in so many ways was to start work at a co-working space. All the new people I got to meet and talk with have been unbelievably valuable for me. You never know what's around the next corner after meeting new people.

If you want to try this, start by joining a facebook group or forum and present yourself and your interest. Then ask if a couple of people want to meet up and grab a cup of coffee and just chat. That's the absolute easiest way in my opinion.

7. Start taking quick breaks

If you really want to be productive and get as much done on your goals as possible. Don't do it all in one long sit, take quick breaks for 10 to 20 minutes and then get back into getting shit done.

8. Start taking one day off per week

One day you only focusing on you, your friends/family and being there. No emails, no phone calls. Just hanging out, eating good food and doing things together.

9. Start reading, listening or watching to learn

Reading, listening or watching things you are interested in is very important if you want to keep on becoming greater. I don't think books are better than listening, do what works for you.

I like to listen to podcast while I'm doing my daily training, doing the dishes, cleaning and so on. I always have The Do List close if I come up with anything great.

10. Stop reading or listening to the news

I've stopped reading the news/listening to the news. All the important stuff I get to hear from other people and I often think it takes up my "mind space" which is needed for other things in my life.

11. Start allowing yourself to let loose

If you have a hard time to let loose and stop thinking about all the awesome projects you got going on. You choose what's the definition of "let loose" for yourself, of course, but at least allow yourself to let loose for a couple of hours once in a while. If it's hard, plan that this date is my "let loose date".

12. Start investing money in things you care about

You don't have to buy stocks and be in that game if you don't want to. You can invest in other projects like your own company or in other things you like doing.

13. Start saving before spending

This is a rule that I've started to do. So every month I put away 20% before I do anything else. And If I have money left after paying the bills I also put that into saving or investing (often in my company).

14. Start exploring your surroundings instead of traveling

This may be sound weird if your an adventure lover like me, that's what I thought first. As I said, I love traveling and adventures, but at the moment I can't go away for more than a weekend. But what I have started to do is to every week do some sort of exploration in my surroundings where I live.

This is something that surprised me, I think it's really awesome when you run into these gold spots, which probably are well known but not for yourself. Try for 1-2 hours per week, go to a place close to where you live which you haven’t been to before and just check it out. It doesn't cost anything and you will always get something out of it. Weekly adventures!

15. Start doing small daily/weekly challenges for yourself

Say hi to a stranger, assign yourself for a free public speaking event in your interest or whatever is a challenge for you. Small challenges are something I'm doing more of every day. I challenge you as a reader to do this: Try not to dwell or complain for a week. Let me know how it went in the comments, on our twitter or our Instagram.


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