3 Productivity Experiments

3 experiments that have shown to increase productivity

In this post, I'm going through 3 different experiments that both myself and others have tried that have shown to be increasing productivity. But first, why even try to increase productivity? Isn't that going to put a lot of stress into the workday? And my answer is both yes and no.

If we increase productivity we decrease the time we have to work. So let's say we got the same amount of money for doing the same amount of work we have done during a 40 hour week. But we do it in 10 hours, would that be possible? And in many cases, it would. And that's also what the first experiment is going to be about.

Productivity experiment 1 - Shrink the timespan for work

Microsoft has done an experiment where they took the 5 day work week and made it into 4 and 3 day work week for some of the teams. This change, among other things, gave up to 40% better productivity.

I do this every day in a way, and it's really easy to implement. If you want to try it, do this:

  1. Write up the top 3 things you have to get done for the day, in other words, the 3 things of work you have to get done to make you satisfied with the workday.
  2. Try to get these 3 things done before 11:00 am.
  3. And after that, you can do what you want to do.

Try and see if it works for you and let us know. If you want some help, try to use a pre-made framework like this tool.

Productivity experiment 2 - Have a NOT-to-do list

So if you're a productivity freak you have probably already read about this thing called "Not-to-do list" made by the mad scientist Tim Ferriss. And some of the things he mentions on his not-to-do list I've already implemented in my life before I even read it, these two things are:

  1. Do not answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers.
  2. Do not e-mail first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

If someone calls from an unrecognized number and really wants to reach me, they send me a text/email afterward to describe what they want. And emailing in the morning/evening is something that can block up a lot of time, I usually do my emails during bus rides or after lunch. If the email is really important, then I can make an exception.

Try to write your own not-to-do list and fill it out with other things that you should stop to do.

Productivity experiment 3 - Daily Training

Training is a thing that makes the most for my productivity. How? It makes me happier, it makes me stay alert longer and it keeps both my body and mind clear and strong. This experiment is something I just started for fun and started to notice the difference it did for both for my health but also for my discipline.

This experiment is something I now have done every day since 19 November 2017. I don't go out for a 10km run every day, what I do is have a bottom level I do every day no matter what.

This bottom level is 3 different bodyweight exercises with 10 reps in each of em with no rest between the sets. And if I feel it I can train a lot more on a day but I always keep the bottom level.

I always try to do the training but I also not trying to make it "my thing". I don't want to live inside a gym all day and I don't want to join a training community. I exercise to stay healthy, not busy.

Try this experiment, set a bottom level which you must to every day. Start very low, but have 1 to 4 days each week where you do more than your bottom level.

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