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Since we first released The Do List, we've seen it been used in many different ways than it was made to be used. We still think The Do List's framework works best by using it as it was made to be used, but we love to see our customers find ways to use The Do List to work 100% for them!

We've seen customers use 1 single The Do List for 6 months when it's actually made for 3 months, just by using one spread for 2 days instead of one. We've also seen customers use it as a weekly planner which makes it last for about 95 weeks(!!) which we think is awesome.

We would love to see how you're using your The Do List, if you got any pictures please send an email to team@thedolist.co and let us know how you're using your TheDoList.

Two ways of using The Do List notes

We often use The Do List notes area to do deeper thinking or creative thinking. It can look something like this:

  1. Ask yourself a question, let's say: "How could I get the same results from 2 hours of work instead of 8?" Then journal your answer(s) to that question.
  2. After that, question your answers: "Would it even be possible? And what would I need to do to make it work?" And as above, journal your answer(s) to that question.

By doing this we can get more creative in our thinking and go deeper than the quick, automatic answers we often have to daily problems or thoughts.


Another way The Do List notes can be used is for morning journaling. Sometimes we wake up and feel we have a lot in our mind, everything from work that has to get done during the day to normal life stuff. By doing morning journaling we can get clarity for the day, feel prepared, and ready to continue with our day.

Morning journaling is easiest done by just writing down what's in your mind, getting it on paper to then more easily sort out what has to get done first.

There are of course a lot of different ways this can be done, and if you do something similar please let us know how you do and why you do it!

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