Everybody has goals. Here's why you should write your goals down!

Our needs and wants are the things that drive us to make decisions to do things.

Everyone has something they want or need to be, do, or get. And if you ask yourself "why" you're doing something enough times, you'll get to the conclusion: "because I want to be happy" (most of the time). Many call these wants, needs, or goals.

So everyone wants to be happy and feel fulfilled, and we try to be that by pursuing things that we believe. And everyone is different which means different ways of becoming happy. But most of us don't have a certain way of becoming that and that's one of the reasons why we're not happy all the time.

But I think one of the most important things is not to sink too deep into only reaching your goals but enjoy the journey towards them.

Why I think you should write up your goals, or the things that drive you, is because it will remind you of what you've promised yourself. It'll be there to remind you to push through when things get harder because everything isn't and won't be easy. Writing up your goal also increases the chance of you achieving it with 42%.

Check out The Do List for goal-setting, goal-tracking, and prioritization.

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