How To Be More Creative

How to be more creative? This question has no easy answer and no answer fits everyone. But here's a list of things you can try to do if you need to spark your creativity.

Work when you're tired

If you have to come up with creative ideas, try to work for a while when you’re tired. So if you’re a morning person work for a while the night before, and if you’re an evening person work for a while in the morning.

As crazy as it sounds. When we're tired we usually have easier to do non-linear thinking which is human thought in multiple directions and based on the concept that there are multiple starting points from which one can apply logic to a problem.

Work in a different location

When I need to brainstorm new ideas and be more creative I like to go to a café or a hotel lobby to work for half a day. I can't say why it helps but often I even get more shit done when I'm on a different location working.

I like to think it's because I'm not there for another reason than to work. If I work at home there are so many other things that can be done than work, which easily can become a distraction.

Go out for a walk/run

One day I will write up all the things training has helped and helps me with. Training isn't a thing I do to be more creative, but it's something that helps me think.

I always have to bring something to take notes on when I'm training because I usually get a lot of new ideas and thoughts I don't want to forget when I'm training.

Take a shower

Taking a shower can help spark some ideas. I have never taken a shower to get ideas, but I have gotten ideas while showering.

One of the creators behind a famous anime came up with many of the greatest ideas while showering. He always has a notebook outside the shower so he can write up the ideas when they come to mind.

Read books, listen to podcasts or watch videos

Get inspiration from others is also a great way to get new ideas and thoughts. Getting other people's perspectives on things can get the creativity flowing. I like to listen to podcasts while doing the dishes or cleaning the house which helps me get some new ways to look at things and also a clean house.

Share your thoughts and ideas with others

By doing this you get other people's perspectives, like reading a book or watching a video. But this will help you get another perspective on your specific problem or project.

I like to share some of my ideas with others, not to get their opinion, but to get their look at the problem or project. This gives me different ways to look at it which could make it even better. Or it could help me decide to not pursue it, and save me a lot of time.

Make time for thinking

This is something that isn't in anyone's schedule as far as I know. Making time to think is maybe weird because at least most of my ideas come up while thinking of or doing something else.

This is maybe something that works for you? Make time for thinking is something I will try, and come back here to update this post about it.

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