Our Story

It all started in 2015. I had goals, like most people do, but it felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. Back then I used different tools online and I did that until 2019. During the years I always found different problems with using online tools. The problems I had was:

  • Distractions. I work in front of different screens all day. It's very easy to get distracted.
  • Time. The planning online took too much time away from doing, which wasn't productive and absolutely not what I wanted.
  • Memory. I started to depend more on the phone/computer because I didn't remember things as well. (which have changed now)
  • Journaling. It's hard to journal online, at least for me. I've tried in different ways like blogging and it doesn't come close to journaling on paper.
  • Pen and paper. It feels so damn good to cross over a task when it's finished.

  • After having these problems for some time it became obvious, so in the end of August 2019 I decided to put together a framework for myself which later became The Do List. Today the only digital tool I use for my planning is my calendar app, and that's just because of meeting notifications and invitations.

    Hjalmar Andersson, Founder @ The Do List